Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Presence of Jewellery Now and Present

The presence of jewellery has become such a part of fashion and in society in general, but with this we sometimes overlook the significance that comes with the pieces that we wear.  Majority of jewellery "normally" would have been received as a present or gift and has an origin or a story to tell.  For an example, that lovely ancient ring that you are wearing, your friend asks you "where did you get that, it is lovely?", you then explain that this was previously your late nans and it had been her engagement ring.  The sentimental value of that ring is priceless literally as you are explaining.

A gem goes back to the antiquated world, with carved bracelets made out of mammoth tusk found by archeologists. More generous discoveries point to Ancient Egypt as one of the first societies to establish jewellery making, with affluent Egyptians wearing extravagance gems both in life and in death. Following on from this, Ancient Greece is accepted to have begun creating gems from gold and pearls around 1600 BC; notwithstanding, gems in Greece  was generally reserved for public appearances and special occasions to indicate the social standing and excellence of a lady, by which it was prevalently worn.

The practice of giving jewellery as a gift also dates back to this time, and with it being primarily women who received and wore jewellery, the tradition of men presenting their wives or lovers with gems and suchlike can then be said to be traced back to this time. Ancient civilisations, including Ancient Rome, also used jewellery for superstitious purposes to fend off evil spirits, and so this practice of gift-giving was just as likely to symbolise the protection and well-being of spouses.   Nowadays you can purchase ancient pieces of jewellery that come with their history and actually in their originally state of discovery.  This allows people to have a connection with their antiquity.

The next era that had a large impact was that of the Middles Ages and Renaissance which had major changes in the industry of jewellery-making.  The impact on the designs of jewellery was large in these eras. 

Nowadays there is a choice of the present fashion trend jewellery in the high street stores.  Some of these items allow loved ones to purchase gifts to add to that every loving charm bracelet or range that you are collecting.  Whereas if you are a person that likes an historic element to their jewellery, then online sites have original discoveries for you to purchase.  

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