Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Theme of the Circle in Celtic Jewelry

The Celts were a group of intelligent, resourceful and artistic itinerant people who travelled across Europe and eventually settled down in what is no known as the UK. They introduced state of art designs that offer a mystic interpretation on the theme of encirclement.

There are numerous meanings in the shapes within Celtic artwork and jewelry designs and the strongest of these meanings always comes back to the idea of infinity, commitment, and enduring strength and love. This is frequently represented in the knot work on Celtic rings, bracelets and necklaces, when the circular pieces themselves are decorated with knots that have no beginning and end, and thus build on the theme of the circle.

The circle of any wedding band, including the Celtic ring, is normally connected with the circle of life, infinity, and undying love, since the circle has no beginning or end. When coupled with the continuous, unbroken Celtic knot-work that is found on a Celtic ring, there is an idea of infinity and eternity within such designs, which also have no beginning or end.

This theme of the circle, infinity and interconnectedness is ideally suited to wedding rings, because a wedding is a family interconnection which will, hopefully, produce children who will continue that interconnection. Eventually they will themselves form new interconnections by marrying and carrying on the family – and the love - into eternity. 

Most Celtic jewelry is identifiable by the  Celtic knots  incorporated in the design.  Sometimes the knots are just part of the symbol, like in some variations of the Claddagh and Celtic cross, and other times the knot itself is the jewelry.  The knot has shown up in Celtic jewelry and art for thousands of years, and whatever its original meaning, if it had one, is unknown today.  However, most experts believe that the Celtic knot generally symbolizes the interconnectedness of everything.  In wedding rings, a Celtic knot might symbolize the interconnectedness of two hearts, lives and spirits.

The Celtic knot’s significance is hidden in obscurity. This is because of the lack of relevant material providing information about it. It is known that these are occasional references made about certain knots in old Celtic myths and legends though no clear theme has emerged from this, other than the strong theme of the circle.

If you choose a Celtic wedding band to commemorate your wedding vows, you are effectively aligning yourself with the ancient Celtic belief in the circle of life, and the interconnectedness of all things on earth. That’s a pretty good basis for the start of a marriage, and your Celtic ring will be a constant reminder that some things never change, even after 2000 years of history. The symbolism and meaning behind the circular themes that dominated Celtic artwork and jewelry are as relevant today as they were when the Celtic craftsmen first fashioned their stunning jewelry. Some things never change!

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