Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Six Good Reasons Why Celtic Jewelry is So Popular Today

Celtic jewelry is becoming increasingly more popular these days, although it has been a staple in many female jewelry boxes for decades. Its numerous designs have their own connotations behind them. They are elegant, sophisticated and timeless. These are just some of the reasons why Celtic jewelry is so popular today.

It’s traditional

Celtic Jewelry is – obviously - the traditional jewelry of the Celts. The Celts were a sturdy group of nomads that surfaced in Central Europe during the Iron Age. They spoke the traditional Celtic language in a number of dialects and their culture was filled with myths, folklore and secrets. They were a proud, brave and hardworking people, and this is echoed in the designs of their jewellery.

It’s ancient – and also modern

Celtic jewelry is some of the most traditional jewelry on the market, yet it is at the same time contemporary and fashionable. It is extremely ornate, and often imposing. Should you be looking for a different jewelry design to reflect your good taste you should take a look at Celtic jewellery prior to making your selection. For fashionistas, these pieces are a breath of fresh air because they are so different from the anonymous jewelry items that are everywhere you look.

Meaningful designs

Celtic jewelry is not just another range of jewelry made with expensive metals and gemstones. These pieces usually contain a host of Celtic representations embedded into the jewelry as a significant element of the design. The stones, the designs and the metals used all have particular meaning and significance.

The air of mystery

Celtic jewelry is becoming popular these days, due to its mystic aura and enigmatic splendor. Although this kind of art is becoming increasingly popular, it is good to know what exactly is Celtic and how it has come to such prominence.

Many people feel an attachment to Celtic jewelry because of the mystique that surrounds it. There is something magical in the belief that every Celtic shape holds some sort of secret of life that is just beyond our understanding and comprehension.

Easy to care for

Gold and silver Celtic jewelry can be cleaned like any other gold and silver pieces. Either use jewelry cleaner or warm soapy water to loosen up the residue. A soft brush can be used to scrub the dirt away, especially for intricate cut-out patterns where the dirt can really hide. It’s been around for centuries, so it’s pretty resilient.

Characteristically Celtic

It is easy to distinguish a piece of Celtic jewelry among a wide range of different pieces in your local jewelry store. Most Celtic jewelry will often have the same kind of designs. This does not mean that designers of Celtic jewelry were limited in their ideas. On the contrary, the main reason why jewelry pieces have been classified as Celtic jewelry is due to the different yet specific and characteristic meanings of the design elements. This is also the reason why certain Celtic jewelry pieces are used and given as gifts only on certain occasions.

To summarize, Celtic jewelry is popular because although it is traditional, it has a contemporary look. In a world where style increasingly matters more than substance, the traditions and meanings behind Celtic representations in jewelry give meaning to the pieces, and the aura of mystery is appealing to many people. Also, the jewelry is easy to look after, which is great for today’s busy people. No wonder Celtic jewelry is so popular and prized these days! Get your authentic Celtic Jewellery at www.antiquitiesgiftshop.com

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